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Signs and Synchronicity


Life may not have come with a user’s handbook, but look around. Everywhere, there are signposts and patterns that have deeper meaning and guidance within them.


Stay open. When something catches your eye, ask: “If this has a message for me, what would it be?” Don’t try to analyze or over-think it. Listen to your heart and your body, for the answer. What feels ‘right’ inside? Use your intuition to guide you.


When something repeatedly appears, the sign is magnified. Maybe you missed something the first time around. Now is your chance to listen even deeper.

Link one sign to another. Combined, the message may be clearer. Once you ‘get it’, there may be further signs or patterns forming to confirm you have understood.


Follow through on the path that calls to you. Only you know what that is. Stay true to yourself, no matter how outlandish your ideas may seem to others. You have only yourself to answer to for the decisions you make in your life. Make sure you’re happy with where you’re heading.

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