About Snailite
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Slugs are just homeless snails. We shouldn't judge them for it!



About Snailite


Annie Zalezsak is the founder of Snailite.com:

I discovered snails the year I turned six. I was completely fascinated by these remarkable creatures. Nomadic, they took with them their homes wherever they went. They could hide completely if anyone bothered them. They moved slow. They’d go wherever they wanted to, regardless of the path you put them on.

Snails are beautiful. They are cute. They are mysterious. They are wise.

I dedicate this site to the snail, and any other snail fan (or ‘snailite’) who is equally fascinated and intriqued by this amazing creature!

Interested in self development? Visit Clarity and Clearitual. You can use the form on the contact page of either of those sites if you’d like to contact me about Snailite. Alternatively, you can follow my Facebook page at Annie Zalezsak.


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