Some nouveau hippies live in intentional communities. If not, they are often involved in some community work, group, or do volunteer work that aids in some cause or helps the disadvantaged.

She/he is often nomadic, experiencing life in several locations throughout their lifetime. They may be (for a time) backpackers, travelers, or pursue work experience in other countries.

Some may have chosen to be vegetarian or vegan for a part of their lives, but understand that each individual has specific needs. Meat is acceptable to eat, with a frequent preference for organic and free range. It is important that the animals are compassionately raised and treated.

Nouveau hippies reuse and recycle. They support a clean environment.

Nouveau hippies require peaceful solutions to disputes. They invest in nurturing, sharing relationships. Simplicity, minimalistic in possessions, and sustainability is a part of daily life. There is a desire for intellectual and creative fulfillment, ability and freedom to express emotions, and connection with the spiritual side of self.


The hippie nouveau lifestyle is about valuing our possessions. Whether they are expensive and exclusive, or commonly cheap, they are thoroughly appreciated with gratitude. Because experience is far more important to us than possessions, we keep materialism to a minimum. That’s why we treasure what we do have. If we don’t love it, need it, or use it, we recycle it or donate it.

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