Photo credit: Saeid Shahin Kiya, Dreamstime.com

Self-Expressive Lifestyle.

May your inner self align
with how you appear in the world.

Hippie Nouveau represents a new generation of “flower children” who want the best of now along with what was groovy in decades gone by.

Hippie Nouveau offers accessories that reflect an intentional, happy, carefree, joyous lifestyle. We’ll attempt to encapsulate the best of decades gone by: all that is retro, unique and fun.

We embrace the peace movement ideology and simpler times. We believe in chosen families, friends for life, community, and equality. We promote freedom and creative self-expression.

We believe in natural beauty. We value the simplicity of “less is more”. We are committed to sharing ideas, re-gifting what we no longer use value or use, and transforming or evolving materials into something beautiful as well as purposeful.

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