The Hippie Nouveau Movement

Hippie Nouveau has been an unspoken movement for years, evolving since the 1960s. In 2010, it became official. With 2012 and all its hype, we needed to prepare on a greater, public, conscious level and unite, all and one, from all walks of life. We are beginning to embrace the fact that humanity needs to shift and transform if it is to survive, thrive and become what each and every person deep down truly wants: a happy, harmonious, safe, abundant, respectful life, with true and honest connections with one another.

The Nouveau (New) Hippie’s Values

The nouveau (new) hippie is a person with conscience, integrity, and authenticity. She/he values freedom of self expression, freedom to be her/himself. She/he values community, considers friends (everyone) as family, and respects alternative perspectives. She/he attempts to unconditionally love and to be kind and thoughtful towards people and the planet.

It is important to the nouveau hippie to find their place in the community or grand scheme of things; to have an inner meaning of being, a purpose in life. She/he is a seeker of truth and enlightenment.

The nouveau hippie values honesty (open and frank), heartfelt genuine caring and kindness. She/he believes in equality of the sexes, races and of all living creatures. She/he gives of her time and self, and shares with others unconditionally. She/he protects the vulnerable and the innocent.


The nouveau hippie has awareness of energy: in and around people, places and things. She/he believes that the collective is greater than the sum of its parts; that harmony and unity are imperative for a peaceful, successful, joyful anything.

From flower children to Indigo and Crystal children, nouveau hippies are particularly sensitive to the mystical realms and often possess gifts beyond the five senses.

Non-negotiables and Absolutes

The nouveau hippie requires freedom. Freedom to be as they are and do what makes their heart sing. Freedom from false needs of material illusion. She/he requires in her/himself and others, a sense of open-mindedness and an open heart, with true acceptance of being okay in the here and now, exactly as one is.

Work or Vocation

The nouveau hippie may have a job or be self employed. He/she may have a had a career or lifetime vocation. The nouveau hippie is unlikely to be ‘unemployed’. He/she may be a high earner, or under-earner, but most definitely creatively and/or intuitively active in some shape or form.


The nouveau hippie may follow any doctrine or teaching, often paganism, gaianism (respect for Mother Earth), new thought, spiritualism, pantheism, humanism or quantum theory (science). She/he has an openness to all the world’s religions and accepts anyone of any doctrine or creed.

The concept of karma (cause and effect) is a part of the consideration of actions. The nouveau hippie believes in the power of influence: that if they want a positive, loving outcome, their own behaviour should be likewise.

Similarly, the nouveau hippie understands the Law of Attraction: the concept that the feeling or energy that one holds directly or subconsciously, impacts what is drawn into one’s own experience.

All nouveau hippies are avid supporters of all human rights, animal rights, freedom of speech,  freedom and tolerance of lifestyle choices.

Practices and Rituals

The nouveau hippie is likely to have some form of physical activity as a practice. Often, it’s a form of yoga, Qi Gong or martial art. It may be anything, and while it may be performed in a group setting, it is likely to be an activity that can be done alone and without the use of equipment.

The nouveau hippie will usually meditate, visualize, sing or chant, whether this is formally and regularly, or informally and occasionally. This is a part of self respect and self care. It may include partaking in healing sessions, massage, or any of the alternative therapies.

The nouveau hippie naturally practices (or understands the importance of) feng shui and space clearing; that there is chi (qi) or life energy that flows through all things and that an optimal life is to be in harmony with chi.

The nouveau hippie recognizes that thoughts become things. Positive thoughts and affirmations are important to practice.


Poetry and free flowing self expression through words, music, art and creativity is encouraged. Handmade anything is highly appreciated.

Materialism: Fashion and ‘Stuff’

The hippie nouveau movement is not about fashion, clothing or accessories. Materialism is not a priority and consumerism is not encouraged. However, humans do wear clothes, and they do have stuff. The nouveau hippie’s style choice is often something that is unique, colourful, empowering, and feels good. Product choices are conscious and safe: fair trade sources, natural ingredients, chemical-free as much as is feasibly possible without being extreme or negative in the process.

There is nothing wrong with having stuff. What is important to a nouveau hippie, is that it represents and expresses who they are, and positively enhances their life and environment.

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