The Canadian Model
of Direct Communication


Getting the Message Across

Communication is vital to human survival. To thrive, we must communicate effectively. Communication means:

 conveying a thought, idea, information, or emotion;
 expressing it through signs, symbols, speech or gestures;
 ensuring it’s received and understood.


Communication context and paralanguage is often trusted more than words. Verbal communication is supported by eye contact, body language, tone and tempo. Written communication is enhanced by punctuation, caps, font style and layout.


The greatest barriers to effective communication are cultural and involve bias. Our prior experience and judgements can taint our willingness to be open.

Our focus on pressing our own point, rather than having patience enough to adapt our style so that the other can more readily receive it, can also muddle meanings.

Environments in which we’re attempting to communicate can have a negative impact: noise, lighting, stress and other distractions can disrupt communication flow.

Active Listening

Hearing what is said is good, but active listening is essential to truly partake in effective communication. Focus, rivet, place full attention on the communicator if you intend to truly receive their message to the best of your ability. Ask questions, repeat back what you believe you’ve heard in order to confirm your understanding. Willingly give feedback so that the ‘messenger’ is reassured his/her message has been delivered accurately.

The Canadian Connection

Learn to use the Canadian Model of Direct Communication (CMoDC) to improve everyday communication to a higher standard of clarity. The model involves mastery of D (Direct), S (Special), and C (Creative) communication styles for flexible use in particular situations.

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Why Canadian?

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