Creative Communication


Sometimes it’s necessary to get creative with communication. It can also be immense fun!


Catalytic communication is making thought-provoking statements that cause a shift or change in another person. It is definitely memorable and often life-changing.


Charismatic communication has the ability to captivate an audience, often without really knowing specifically why. It is the communicator’s entire demeanour that collectively presents charisma.


Clean communication is about using healthy, age- and audience-appropriate words. No cussing or swearing. Language promotes positivity, kindness and helpfulness.


Clear communication is using simple words to express relevant ideas that are purposeful and meaningful to the receiver.


Collaborative communication among groups that work together toward a common goal must ensure everyone is “on the same page”. Diverse expertise and bias can make communication complex. These barriers must be overcome in order to achieve solutions and problem-solve in a collaborative group.

Collaborative communication involves active listening, as well as willingness to assertively share knowledge, information and skills. It’s essential to equally respect the strengths and views that others bring to the table.


Concise communication uses few words: enough to be understood. It’s about cutting out the rambling babble that wastes everyone’s time.

The more concise you are, the clearer your point is made. “Less is more.”


Conditional communication is negotiating and bargaining: “if you tell me about that, I’ll reveal this”.


Connecting communication is finding common ground with another and establishing a bond. This sense of feeling comfortable with another allows a more free way of communicating, a safe place to ask, and ask for, what you want.


Consistent communication is maintaining regular, loyal, committed, truthful communication with integrity.


Counselling communication is supportive, encouraging, and empathic. It largely involves active listening.


Courageous communication is daring to say the unsaid.


Customer communication involves polite manners, appreciation, and quality service. It must be friendly and informative.

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