The Canadian Model
of Direct Communication


What Is It?

CMoDC is a diplomatic term to define communication that is outspoken, assertive and (to some, uncomfortably) honest.

The founder of the CMoDC, Annie Zalezsak, says:

“As a Canadian, I think: “is there any other way?” I have made it my project to reflect on communication with Canadians and those of other cultures, to achieve a greater understanding of differences.”

Learning the CMoDC

Communications resources are abundant on the internet. By delving into any of the D (Direct), S (Special), and C (Creative) communication styles outlined on this website, you can develop your CMoDC skills.

You can also contact us about CMoDC consulting and mentoring services.

Founder and Developer of the CMoDC

Annie Zalezsak (Zed)

Annie Zalezsak (aka Annie Zed) is a Canadian who moved to the UK in 1998, then back to Canada in 2012. She is a communication designer, writer and artist. Most of her career has been in and around communication in print (graphic design and writing) and electronic mediums (websites, blogs, social networks).

Her personal experience and findings on trans-border communication have gone into the development of the CMoDC. Annie’s aim is to help tourists and expatriates from either side of the Atlantic to open to understanding each other better.


Photo credit: Ron Davey, brown bear in lake

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