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Canadian Model of
Direct Communication



Creative Courage

Hippie Nouveau

Macramé Owl


People in Spirit

Powertree Press

Quirky Idea


Vibrant Message

Vibrant Universe

Vibrant Word

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Home to the End

The following sites were handed over to client, no longer maintained by Annie Zalezsak

Canadian Only



Annie Zed

Clarity Tribe

Macramé Owl
Hoot & Annie

Touching the Truth

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Canadian Only Magazine

Canadian Only Restaurant Review

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Clarity Tribe

Creative Courage

Macramé Owl

Quirky Idea

Touching the Truth

Vibrant Message

Client Facebook pages

Canadian Only

Home to the End

In Search of Oneness

People’s Bistro

Urban Systems Foundation

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CMoDC  |  HippieNouveau  |  PowertreePress  |  Snailite

CMoDCCanadian Model of
Direct Communication

The model involves mastery of D (Direct),
S (Special), and C (Creative) communication
styles for flexible use in particular situations

ClarityClarity Experiential
Self Development

Inspiring quotes and articles


Space clearing clutter for energy flow

Creative CourageCreative Courage

The creative philosophy of Annie Zalezsak

Macrame OwlMacramé Owl

Where nothing is too silly –
a spoof on the macramé owl


The slow, simple life

Hippie NouveauHippie Nouveau

Community. Peace. Love.
Sharing. Simplicity.


About the owl and owl sanctuaries

People in SpiritPeople in Spirit

Ideas and thoughts about the afterlife – comforting poems and quotes for those experiencing loss

Powertree PressPowertree Press

The publisher of Annie Zalezsak’s first book,
We Are One Blood: Honouring the Body’s
Right to Heal Itself

Quirky IdeaQuirky Idea

Got one? Make it happen
Design and marketing services

Vibrant MessageVibrant Message

Spirit communication and readings

Vibrant UniverseVibrant Universe

Ideas and thoughts about the universe

Vibrant WordVibrant Word

Presents the best in authors who
inspire, uplift, invigorate, affirm, delight,
enthrall, motivate and resonate with You!

Client websites and logos

Handed over to client, no longer maintained by Annie Zalezsak

Baby Massage WalesBaby Massage Wales

Gentle five-week courses for carers and
their babies from birth to pre-crawling


Canadian OnlyCanadian Only

Who’s who and what’s what
of Canada

CO AdsCO Ads

Online advertising in Canada.
Information made easy!


EffectusEffectus People Solutions

Abigail East provides human resources and
change management solutions


IntegraIntegra Community
Living Options Ltd

Person-centred support and rehabilitation
for individuals with enduring mental illness

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